Training leads to Competitive Advantage
For Individuals. For Corporates

Learning never stops. So is Training.

Individuals – take note!

You need to supplement your College education. To close the skills gap. From academics to practice.
Even before acquiring any discipline-specific competence, you must know basics in and out.
Like knowledge of – Materials, Processes, Measurements, 2D / 3D CAD and Elements of 3D Printing.

Take advantage of our Basic Course to enhance your confidence.

Corporate Managers– here is something to act on!

Training is a necessity. But it is distracting. Time consuming. And if anything, only situation specific.

An In-house Training Center may be an answer. This is often impractical. It is here, we can be of help.

As Practicing Professionals, we know what exactly you need from your Engineers. We right-skill them to
your needs. By our Basic, Advanced and Domain-specific courses which empower them with good job competence. In line with your Company’s Objectives.

Here is a suggestion. Focus on your core tasks. Leave Training of your Engineers to us.