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What gets you a job or jump starts your career is workplace knowledge.
Acquire it fast. Enroll to our Course.

Your Employer expects you to start working from day one – unless you are taken in as a trainee.
No matter whether or not you are prepared. That places you in an unenviable situation. You must have all the basic Engineering and Manufacturing knowledge. Right from Materials and their strengths, Processes, Measurements and Systems. That is at the very least - besides any job-specific knowledge.

Qualification alone is never a passport to a job. You must reinforce it with practical skills and knowledge. Our Course prepares you with the best possible foundation to your professional life. It is quite comprehensive and will hone your professional qualification. Mind you it is not a CAD-alone, but a CAD-inclusive course. After finishing, you can get a placement in any of the domains - Manufacturing, Production Engineering, Design, Tool Engineering and Quality Assurance.

Our center is just not a CADD center. It is an Engineering Center – where you have opportunities to build new skills, competencies and cross functional experience. Your faculty is made of highly experienced practicing professionals from diverse domains. You can harvest from their cumulative knowledge.

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