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New Product Development
Concept-to-Reality. See it in action

Have an Idea or Concept? Wish to see it shape up as a Product?
Come to us. We will make it happen.

New Product Development is a major activity at JES – from simple plastic parts to full machines.
A Plastic part could even be in-house prototyped by 3D Printing prior to production.

Whatever may be your product, we strive to bring it to market in the shortest time. Excellent quality, Reliability and Aesthetics go hand in hand in the development cycle.

Our Approach to your work

First off, we listen to your idea / concept, cost budget and time frame. These form the core design intent from which we make a Concept-Proposal. Your approval of this Proposal will lead us to develop Detailing. We will of course be in constant dialogue during this stage. On completion, we will hand over to you the entire package of – Assembly / Sub-Assembly Drawings, Parts’ Drawings and Bills of Materials.